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About Canvey Systems

Canvey Systems have been selling laptops on Ebay for many years. Well over 3000 laptops have been sold and very favourable feedback has been received. This feedback can be viewed here.

Now our laptops can be purchased directly from this website as well as from Ebay. Every item will have the same “Item No.” on both sites. See our Ebay shop here.

Prices will be significantly reduced if purchased direct from this website, as no Ebay fees have to be compensated for.

If a buyer wishes to purchase items from this website, then contact should be made with Canvey Systems. Once a total price including shipping is agreed, we will send the buyer a “Paypal Money Request”. The items will then be shipped once the payment has been made.

Buyers will still receive protection covered by Paypal’s protection policy.

The contact email for Canvey Systems can be found on the right of this web page header.

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